Outer Range Brewing’s Lee Cleghorn: Troubleshooting Cross-Contamination in the Brewhouse and Designing Progressive IPAs

Episode 91 · July 12th, 2019 · 51 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

It’s been a tough week for Frisco, Colorado’s Outer Range Brewing. Less than a week ago, customers notified the brewery of an unexpected Belgian-ish flavor in the week’s IPA release. After testing and confirming cross-contamination by one of their aggressive saison yeast strains, the brewery notified customers of a voluntary recall and dumped almost 4,000 gallons of beer fermenting in tanks, then cleaned the brewhouse and cranked up the brewing schedule to fill those tanks again. In this candid conversation, cofounder and head brewer Lee Cleghorn discusses their challenges in troubleshooting the cross-contamination and the aggressive steps they’ve taken to recover from the setback. The conversation then turns to their creative process on IPA design and brewing, yeast choice, driving attractive esters from New England-style IPA yeasts, blending unexpected Noble hops into progressive IPA hops blends, the effects of warm dry hopping temperatures on their dry hopped saisons, and more.

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